Admission and Degree Completion


How does my GPA or standardized test score factor into ANU undergraduate and graduate entry requirements?

The ANU accepts undergraduate entry to people with a high school diploma GPA of at least 3.0. There are different measures for some courses, and an international weighed index is used to determine individual applications.

Please consult our website for a basic breakdown of course requirements based on standardized test scores, or fill out the International Student Enquiry form for specialised information.

The ‘World Education Services’ details the equivalency of a degree in one country to another and is a good place to see what your existing credits could be worth at the ANU. Please be aware that this is not a guarantee from the University.

How many courses make up a degree?

The majority of ANU undergraduate degrees require 144 ‘credit points’ for completion. Single courses successfully undertaken are worth 6 credit points each. Four courses undertaken per semester total 48 points per year. After three years of full-time study you will complete your chosen degree.

Some degree’s offer practical or long courses which result in more credit points. There are a number of summer and winter programs which may reduce your study time.

Have a look here for a basic breakdown of the Bachelor of Arts program.

Where do I find course information?

The best place to start an in depth look into the ANU course work is at our Programs and Courses page. From here you will be asked if you are an international or domestic student and options will be given for each.

Will I get a chance to know my Professors or are most classes in lecture halls taught by teaching assistants?

The ANU has the highest ratio of staff to students in the country, which means you will have support anywhere you need. While not called teacher’s assistants, some classes may be run by a PhD student, studying the field the course is on, while the professor administers the lecture and sets the assessment items.

The professors quite often take on responsibilities outside the class, including research, policy seminars and consulting. However they are renowned for being friendly and open to all students.

 Is there opportunity for independent study?

The ANU undergraduate program allows students to tailor the courses to suit their needs. You can elect to focus a Bachelor of Arts on any number of areas once you have completed your core unit requirements.

For post-grad work, the possibilities are endless. You can choose classical assessment or a thesis by collaborating with your professor or other students on most any topic of interest to you. For more information on this, go to our Masters Course Work page.

Are there double degrees?

ANU’s ‘Flexible Double Degree’s’ are a great way for ambitious students to combine any two Bachelor degree programs to suit their career and passion. The application process is very similar to any other course; however the tuition fees may differ. Have a look at our Flexible Double Degree Application page for more information.

Are there opportunities for study abroad programs?

There are many study abroad programs available to different students. The requirements differ significantly between undergraduate and post-graduate and the amount of time you will be at the university so have a look at the ANU International Exchange Office website to see how it applies to you.


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