Will I be able to work, either casually or full time while I study?

Type of visa holder you are will influence your ability to work while in Australia. The most common visa types are ‘Higher Education Sector Visa, and Post Graduate Sector Visa.’ The Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection website will allow you to see if you are able to bundle a work and study visa.

Are there internship opportunities?

While not as wide spread as U.S internships, the ANU offers internships in a range of different fields. Some are for credit with local government agencies, some are for work experience and some are with international agencies and/or NGO’s. Visit the ANU website and the Australian National Internship Program (ANIP) website for a complete breakdown of what is on offer.

Is an educational visa had-copy stamp required in my passport?

No, Australia operates on an electronic tracking system based on your passport number. As long as you have your passport on you (which we recommend you do at all times) your visa statues can be checked.

Updated:  20 January 2016/ Responsible Officer:  Director, NALO/ Page Contact:  Director, NALO