Frequently asked questions about studying at ANU



• What type of accommodation does the ANU provide?
• Where are the best suburbs to live in near the university?
• Are there housing options further away?
• What type of rental contract do I enter into?
• How expensive is it for either a rental house or university lodgings?
• How do I find either ANU accommodation or private rental?

Short Courses during the North America Semester Break

• During which months does the ANU offer short courses?
• Do they align with American holidays?
• What areas of study are available?


• Will I be able to work, either casually or full time while I study?
• Are there internship opportunities?
• Do I need an educational visa in my passport?

Life in Canberra

• What are the benefits to living in Canberra?
• What is there to do on the weekend?
• Where can I easily travel to from Canberra?
• What is the cost of living?
• What kind of fast food and restaurants are available?
• Is there public transport?
• Do I need a car?

University Tuition Fees

• Does a duel citizen pay full domestic price or international price?
• What is the domestic and international fee each semester/course?
• How do I pay these? Are there financial plans available to international students?
• What do my fees cover?

Admission and Degree Completion

• How does my GPA or standardized test score factor into ANU undergraduate and graduate entry requirements?
• How many courses make up a degree?
• Where do I find course information?
• Will I know my professors or are most classes in lecture halls taught by teaching assistants?
• Is there opportunity for independent study?
• Are there duel degrees?
• Are there opportunities for study abroad programs?

University Life

• Are there a lot of international students?
• Are the dorms new?
• How is the internet on campus?
• What is campus life like?
• Are there sports teams?
• Are there Fraternity and Sororities? Are the clubs/social groups?

Australian Culture

• Do Australian toilets spin the opposite way?
• What is the legal drinking age?
• Which side of the road do you drive on?

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